About Us

At Family Wealth and Wisdom, Inc., our calling is to help others become better stewards of all their resources. We accomplish this goal through education, teaching our clients simple strategies to eliminate debt and gain control over their finances.

We recommend a number of options and processes that have been proven successful for over 100 years. Some have been obscured by the relentless marketing of today’s financial institutions, political correctness, and “conventional wisdom.”

Have you ever considered…

How much money your spend on interest, taxes and insurance?

  • What would you do with your money if you could spend it how you choose?
  • How would your life change?
  • Would you change how much you work?
  • Would you have more free time?
  • Would your stress level decrease?
  • Could you enjoy life more?
  • Could you plan for an earlier retirement?
  • Would your future excite you?

The key to our approach is showing our clients how to keep more of what they make by avoiding unnecessary wealth transfers that often occur without their knowledge.

  • We explain how to guard against financial predators like banks, brokers, agents, and taxes.
  • We help you understand how to protect your assets from the ravages of the market.
  • We offer real solutions to help your family and loved ones be financially successful throughout life.

Our clients learn how to safely keep more of what they have and what they make so that they are better positioned to pass on a legacy to others.