What Our Clients Are Saying

Now We Don’t Need to Worry About Retirement

Charles was able to save us money…because he knew what to ask he was able to get our premium reduced. He also taught us you don’t have to make a lot of money to take advantage of some money-saving strategies. Now we don’t need to worry about retirement.

Gordonville, PA


He Calmly Led Us

Charles has been a blessing to us in sharing his wisdom regarding true financial freedom. His patience is astounding. He calmly led us until we finally understood the concepts he taught us.

B. and C. B.
Lititz, PA


Excited About The Possibilities

Charles is helpful each and every time we talk. Thanks for hanging in there with us. I am excited about the possibilities. Thanks for all you have done.

E. and J. K.
Lancaster, PA


We Are Grateful

We are grateful for your help in bringing us the wisdom needed to deal with our finances in a godly way. Thank you for also helping the boys get a good strong foundation for their finances so they will have the wisdom from the beginning.

J. and P. P.
Lititz, PA


A Blessing To Us

You have been such a blessing to us during our situation with our finances and have helped us understand how to be smarter with our money. We are looking forward to learning more and using the Infinite Banking System.

B. and J. M.
Ephrata, PA


Help And Guidance

You have helped us set up a budget so that we can live comfortably on one meager salary with two children, while using the Infinite Banking System to pay for classes in a master’s degree program. We are very grateful for all of your help and guidance.

Rev. E. and C. B.
Harrisonburg, VA


A Smarter Way to Manage Our Finances

Thanks for showing us a wise and smarter way to manage our finances. We look forward to reap the benefits of the Infinite Banking System and are eager to share this plan with our children.

C. and L. W.
Lancaster, PA


We Love the Security and Flexibility

Charles, thanks for the enlightening us to the alternatives to qualified plans. We love the security and flexibility that our bank gives us. We are excited about what this will enable us to do in the future.

A. & A. W.
Adamstown, PA


Budget and Save in a Responsible Way

Thanks for helping us to budget and save in a responsible way. With your guidance we have been able to purchase a home within 18 months of starting our new banks. We look forward to seeing what other opportunities God has for us.”

C. and K. N.
Lancaster, PA


The Time and Energy to Help Me

I very much appreciate Family Wealth and Wisdom taking the time and energy to help me understand the value of these financial principles.

S. J.
Akron, PA