Creating Your Family Legacy

Controlling The Asset

Investing is not about where your money is, it’s about how can you use it to create wealth. This is far different than buying a stock and praying that the stock will go up. Warren Buffett never buys 100 shares and just holds it. He, like Mark Cuban, buys shares of a stock to get some level of CONTROL of the company.

If you have the resources to take control of a company, and you think it’s a great investment, do it. If you want to try to guess on some companies, buy their stock and hope it goes up, you might as well go to Las Vegas, because you have no advantage at all to CONTROL the value of that

In the old days, the family had total CONTROL of the farm. The family could affect the growth and outcome of the farm they owned and CONTROLLED. Today, in generating family wealth, dabbling in stocks and mutual funds doesn’t provide the ownership and control that is needed to pass on wealth successfully. The elements that affect these types of legacies are taxes, risk, creditors, and luck. In defense of many who follow this strategy, professional advice has told them this is the only way to create wealth.


Unfortunately, following traditional investment plans does not create multiples of wealth immediately. If a family asset is not being used to generate income then that asset should be used to create family generational wealth. You would want to insure and guarantee that the wealth be transferred to the family, tax-free. Most importantly you would want to expend the least amount of money to create the most wealth. This is known as


The Contract

If you were able to invest in the oldest member of the family and they allowed you to do so to create the ultimate family legacy, what investment would be used? Life insurance.

  • It is the perfect solution for family wealth creation.
  • It is a contract the family CONTROLS.
  • The cash values and death benefit grow tax-deferred and tax-free.
  • It is protected from creditors and passes outside of probate.
  • Any number of family members including the parents can contribute to the premiums.
  • This creates the greatest amount of death benefit that will pass on to the family.

All of this is centered on the legacy of love. This will be a very emotional decision and should be viewed with the proper perspective. In the old days, all members of the family would invest all their time and money to increase the wealth of the farm, knowing someday it would be theirs. They didn’t do this out of greed, but out of love for the family.


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