Generational Wealth Creation

Traditional thinking…

  • Invest in the stock market
  • Invest in real estate
  • Invest in bank saving vehicles
  • Invest in retirement plans

These create transfers of your wealth in the future…

  • Possible losses in the market
  • Fees for accounts and managers
  • Income taxes, capital gains tax
  • Maintenance costs
  • Estate tax implications

What these investments have in common…

  • They create transfers of your wealth (This is guaranteed)
  • They involve huge sums of your money
  • They rob you, your children and your grandchildren of your legacy.

How to Create Wealth Now

  • Create your own generational legacy
  • Minimize or eliminate estate taxes
  • Create tax-deferred growth
  • Create income in perpetuity for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren
  • Create your own charitable foundation Create the most money for your heirs and favorite charities

Buying stocks and mutual funds cannot do this.
Buying real estate cannot do this.
Buying bank savings programs cannot do this.
Retirement plans cannot do this.

Only Life Insurance Can Do This!

Your choice…

Think rich or not.
Create wealth or not.
Make it happen or not.
Secure results or not.


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