Charitable, Family and Legacy Planning

Family Wealth and Wisdom helps individuals and families of all income levels to benefit from tax advantages that many assume are available only to the very wealthy.

The programs we offer are available to anyone interested in decreasing their tax burden while supplementing their retirement income, leaving a lasting financial legacy and benefiting charitable causes.

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Securities Transfer Program

Real Estate Transfer Program

CD Transfer Program

All of our programs provide the following features and benefits:

  • Fixed immediate or deferred lifetime income (income you will not outlive) OR
  • Fixed immediate or deferred installment payments for a specific number of years (a stream of income you can access now or later)
  • An immediate income tax deduction
  • Elimination of a portion of capital gains tax
  • Reduction or elimination of applicable estate tax
  • Reinsurance
  • No set-up fees, legal fees or annual tax filings
  • Supports charitable causes worldwide