“Yad” (a Hebrew word) means “Open Hand”

By Charles Griffin,
Family Wealth and Wisdom, Inc.

It expresses the power by which one can achieve something.  Silver, gold, money, all are akin to “Yad” today.  An open hand represents the power, the means to obtain things.  I think of the open hand and what can be done with it.  While a clenched hand, a fist,  can be used for defense, an open hand (yad) gives us the power to be industrious.

With it we can grasp a hammer with which to build.  We can hold a pen through which thoughts and ideas can flow, conveying messages, communicating with others today and into the future, influencing individuals and the world.  The “Yad” can even enhance what a closed fist can provide in the way of defense as our open hand enables us to hold, grasp, and manipulate objects and/or weapons used for protection.

Now think of your IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) program as your “Yad”.  Your IBC Program is your open hand that gives you the power to effectively and efficiently accomplish anything that you so desire.  It is a financial tool that is superior to any other.

With it you can build, you can help and/or provide for yourself and others.  You can influence minds.  You can get yourself and others out of debt.  A nation can become strong through private contracts with free men and everyone can become prosperous and independent, leaving the public welfare teat to shrivel up and wither on the chest of a once again vibrant republic.  Independence, pride in self reliance, the ability to provide true charity and to live prosperous and productive lives through our own industry and ability can once again cause this nation to flourish.

We are not yet dead, simply numbed by the politics of our day.  We need to find our “Yad” and use it, so go use it to build something bigger than yourself.